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Kwabena Dautey Akufo

Mr. Akufo, an alumnus of Brandeis, made a career switch from computer science to ministry. Read more about what he has learned along the way...

Somanya, Ghana
Undergraduate/Graduate Institution & Class Year(s) 
Brandeis Undergraduate Class of '77
Courses of Study (Major, Minor, Degree)
Double majored in Computer Science & Economics
Current Profession 
Tell us about a recent accomplishment that you are most proud of.
Successfully switching careers and using the skills I acquired from my first career in business and technology to advance my second career in pastoral ministry.
What book(s) have had the greatest impact on you? Why?
The Bible. In addition to the spiritual insights I gained, it taught me that people matter and helping people is noble
Did you ever think that you would end up in the career that you are currently in? Why or why not?
Not at all. I was a science/technology student all my life. My first career was 23 years in the computer industry as an engineer and entrepreneur. Being a pastor was not part of the plan. Strange things happen when the meaning of life becomes clearer!
What is one thing you wish you knew when you started your professional career?
That career change is likely and I should prepare for that inevitable reality.
What is one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?
Slow down and smell the roses along the path. The urban dictionary explains this idiom as follows: "this means stop stressing out, overthinking, or complaining. put your troubles in perspective and try to enjoy the short time you have on earth."