Our Mission

“If you don’t like something, change it.”-Maya Angelou

Our mission is to ensure that students of color have the same access to career and academic opportunities as their counterparts.  We are devoted to providing opportunities for students to grow both in their academics and careers.


Our Team

Our integrative team combines expertise from a variety of academic disciplines from Business to Neuroscience to Computer Science.


Akilah Elie


 I am deeply invested in the equal access of educational opportunities for all students, especially for students of color. I wanted to create a space for students of color to find academic and professional opportunities specifically tailored to them. Hence, the Diversity Exchange was created!




Megan Boateng


My passion for improving access to healthcare and educational opportunities for minority students in STEM led me to become part of this platform. I am devoted to promoting the educational and career advancement to students of color and glad to assist students in their endeavors!





Yanique Seac

Web Developer Specialist

I am excited to be part of this platform and hope to inspire other women of color in the computer science field. I have a passion to mentor other women of color within the computer science field and cannot wait to do so through the Diversity Exchange!